Standard Machinery Corporation

Explore the Future of Puffed Cereal Production with Sacchi

Revolutionizing Puffed Cereal Production: Sacchi's Innovations Redefine Breakfast and Snacking.

Sacchi's Pioneering Role in Puffed Cereal Production Machinery

Standard Machinery Corporation has played a key role in advancing Sacchi’s innovations. Since the late ’70s, Sacchi has been a trailblazer in developing machinery for puffed cereal production. Recognizing the benefits of puffed cereals – lightness, high fiber content, easy digestibility, and natural composition – Sacchi became a world leader in this field. Today, Sacchi’s SOCORI system, covered by multiple patents, stands as a pinnacle of innovation, offering efficient, consistent, and high-quality production for various applications, from breakfast cereals to bread substitutes. With Sacchi’s expertise, manufacturers can meet the demand for nutritious, natural, and delicious puffed cereals, driving the future of the industry forward.


Features and Functionality

Explore the Future of Puffed Cereal Production with Sacchi.

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