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Achieve flawless fermentation and quality in every loaf, powered by our expert proofing solutions.

Proofing Perfection with KOMA

KOMA, represented by Standard Machinery Corporation (SMC) in India, stands as a global leader in cutting-edge cooling, freezing, and conditioning systems. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, KOMA’s high-performance solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries seeking precision and sustainability. Leveraging innovative technology and a commitment to environmental responsibility, KOMA delivers solutions that ensure consistent product quality and operational efficiency. As SMC’s trusted partner, KOMA’s machinery provides unmatched precision and reliability, backed by dedicated support and service to meet the unique requirements of businesses across India.


KOMA Cooling & Conditioning solutions include an array of advanced equipment tailored to a variety of industry needs.

Tailor-Made Solutions for High-Quality Results

At KOMA, we understand the importance of delivering consistent quality levels in your cooling, freezing, and conditioning processes. Our high-performance solutions are customized to your products, whether it's chilling, freezing, proofing, or storing, ensuring optimal quality and efficiency at every stage.

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