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Standard Machinery Corporation (SMC), established in 1947, boasts over seven decades of excellence in the food processing and packaging industry. Celebrating our 77th platinum year of operation, we have earned our place as a trusted provider of high-quality equipment and comprehensive solutions for the industrial production of food. From our beginnings in the Indian market, SMC has expanded its reach to Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Middle East. Our diverse customer base includes large multinational corporations and smaller family-owned businesses, all benefiting from our dedication to providing tailor-made solutions rather than standard machine ranges. We cater to a wide array of sectors, including bakery, confectionery, dairy, snacks, meat, Coffee and more, with successful installations across various food processing segments.
At SMC, each customer is a valued partner. Our focus is on delivering high-quality, customized solutions that meet exact specifications. This customer-centric approach ensures we provide not just equipment, but complete, user-friendly solutions designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.
We pride ourselves on being agents and promoters for leading overseas companies, predominantly from Europe and the Far East. This partnership allows us to bring the latest technologies and innovations to our clients, ensuring they stay ahead in the competitive food processing industry. Despite challenges such as the global pandemic, our commitment to innovation and quality remains steadfast.
The Indian food processing industry is one of the largest industrial segments, driven by diverse agro-climatic conditions, a large raw material base, rapid urbanization, and changing lifestyles. SMC is poised to lead this dynamic industry, continuously adapting to market needs and introducing new technologies to meet local requirements. Our strategic investments in storage infrastructure and supply chains further underscore our dedication to sustainable growth.
As we continue to grow and evolve, SMC remains committed to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Join us in our journey as we shape the future of food processing and packaging, delivering unmatched quality and service to our valued customers worldwide.
Why Choose Us

Empowering Your Production Line

At Standard Machinery Corporation, we believe in the power of technology to transform production processes. By focusing on the development and provision of top-tier food processing and packaging solutions, we are committed to enhancing the efficiency and quality of industrial food production around the world.
To be the global leader in providing cutting-edge food processing and packaging solutions, revolutionizing the way food is produced and consumed worldwide.
To empower food manufacturers across the globe with state-of-the-art machinery and unparalleled service, enhancing efficiency, quality, and sustainability.
To expand our global footprint, ensuring that our solutions are accessible to clients in every corner of the world and uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability in every product and service we offer.