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Elevate Your Nut Roasting, Coating, and Flouring Experience with Easyroast by Seyeks

Revolutionizing Nut Processing Systems for Professionals Worldwide.

Precision Roasting Made Easy

Discover the pinnacle of nut processing excellence with Easyroast, proudly represented by Standard Machinery in India. Easyroast, the esteemed brand of Seyeks for Nut Roasting, Coating, and Flouring Systems, brings forth over 73 years of manufacturing expertise combined with relentless dedication to product and service innovation.

At the core of Easyroast’s success lies a comprehensive range of machinery tailored for nut processing. From precision roasting to flawless coating and efficient flouring, Easyroast sets the standard for excellence in nut processing.

The Conveyor Band Roasting Oven, Easycoater for coating, and Easyflourer for flouring are renowned for their unparalleled advantages in product variety, capacity, dependability, and compliance with food regulations. Trusted by professionals in over 30 countries, our machinery sets the standard for excellence in nut processing.

Easyroast Nut Processing Systems are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of professionals. With our cutting-edge technology, robust production capacity, and extensive range of machinery, Easyroast is committed to fulfilling the demands of the market.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond product excellence. We offer specialized projects and consultancy services to enhance productivity and reduce costs for our valued customers.
Experience the extraordinary taste of nuts roasted, coated, and floured with Easyroast, where every batch is infused with perfection and passion. Join us at international exhibitions worldwide as we proudly showcase the Easyroast brand, embodying the essence of quality, innovation, and customer-centricity.
Transform your nut processing experience with Easyroast by Seyeks – where excellence meets satisfaction, one process at a time.


Easyroast Nut Roasting Systems cater to every aspect of the nut roasting process. Our machinery lineup is meticulously designed to meet professional standards.

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