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Innovative Packaging Solutions for Food and Non-Food Industries PFM Group excels in diverse packaging solutions with advanced machinery and comprehensive lifecycle support. Established on principles of quality and innovation, we deliver customized value to clients worldwide.

Driving Success Through Quality and Innovation in Packaging Machinery

PFM Group, represented in India by Standard Machinery Corporation, includes SPS and has a legacy of fostering customer success and innovation by maximizing professional and personal skills. PFM, founded on the principle that quality machines are essential for achieving goals, designs, builds, and markets around 40 models of flow-wrapping and vertical form-fill-seal machines, as well as automatic feed systems for the food and non-food industries. Based in Torrebelvicino, Vicenza, PFM’s expertise and innovation are recognized globally, with a presence in 70 countries and a customer service department that offers remote technical assistance through Teleservice. Certified to UNI EN ISO 9001-2008, PFM collaborates closely with SPS, which specializes in automatic packaging systems for bakery goods, biscuits, and sandwich filling systems, serving markets in Europe, the USA, the Middle and Far East, and China. SPS excels in high-speed flow-wrappers and automatic feeding systems, investing 3% of turnover in R&D and maintaining high manufacturing standards through continuous staff training and advanced technology. Together, PFM and SPS provide comprehensive, innovative packaging solutions, driving success and growth for clients worldwide, evidenced by SPS’s annual turnover growth exceeding 15% in recent years..


Experience innovation with our range of PFM and SPS machines. From precision packaging to streamlined.

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