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Dough Perfected: Precision, Quality, Innovation!

Experience the Artistry of Perfect Dough: Mixer SRL—Crafting Bespoke Automatic Systems for Exceptional Bread, Pizza, Biscuits, and Pastry Production. Where Precision Meets Passion, Trust in Mixer SRL for Unparalleled Quality and Tailor-Made Solutions in Dough Technology.

Your Partner in Dough Perfection

SMC proudly represents Mixer SRL in India, bringing the art of mixing the perfect dough to professionals and industrial sectors since 1992. Mixer SRL is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing bespoke automatic systems for bread, pizza, biscuits, and pastry production, catering to a global market. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our dedicated team of experts who ensure optimal efficiency and quality in every machine. By controlling every aspect of production from planning to manufacturing, Mixer SRL continually innovates to deliver the highest standards in dough technology, offering tailor-made solutions that meet the diverse needs of the food industry.


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