Standard Machinery Corporation

Elevating Snack Food Production Worldwide: MBD Leads with Quality and Innovation

45 Years of Excellence: Trusted Solutions for Cookie and Snack Cake Processing and Packaging.

Innovating the future of manufacturing

Standard Machinery Corporation is a trailblazer in providing MBD cookie and snack cake processing and packaging equipment, embodying quality, efficiency, and value-added innovation. This equipment is pivotal for brands looking to meet the escalating global demand within the snack-food industry. Standard Machinery Corporation has fortified its presence in this competitive market by being customer-centric and forward-thinking, specializing in engineered solutions that offer real and sustained value. MBD’s processing and packaging solutions are designed with over 45 years of expertise, setting the benchmark with over 500 machines efficiently operating across 60+ countries. The essence of MBD’s market leadership lies in its adaptability to emerging trends such as dairy consumption boosts, sustainability efforts, and food safety, making it the go-to solution for companies aiming to excel in snack food production.


Standard Machinery Corporation takes pride in offering an extensive portfolio of MBD cookie and snack cake processing and packaging equipment, tailored to enhance the operational efficiency and quality of snack food production.

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