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Chocolate Moulds for all kinds of Chocolate lines.

Implast - Chocolate Moulds for all kinds of Chocolate lines

For over four decades, the Implast Chocolate Moulds Company, based in Istanbul, Turkey, has been synonymous with the innovation and production of high-quality polycarbonate moulds for the chocolate industry. As a part of Standard Machinery Corporation’s extensive offerings, Implast specializes in catering to all sizes and types of chocolate production lines. From solid and center-filled moulds to more complex double and book type moulds with magnets, the range of products is designed to meet the diverse needs of chocolate producers. By combining advanced manufacturing methods with a dedication to research and development, Implast continues to lead the market, ensuring that customers’ evolving needs are met with superior quality moulds and comprehensive support.


With a catalog that speaks to both tradition and innovation, Implast is the preferred choice for chocolate producers seeking reliability, quality, and creativity in their chocolate production endeavors.

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