Standard Machinery Corporation

Innovative Wafer Production Line

Elevate Your Wafer Production with Forma Makina's Cutting-Edge Technology! Unlock Efficiency and Quality with Industry-Leading Solutions. Experience Innovation in Wafer Manufacturing.

Crafting Quality Solutions

Standard Machinery Corporation, in partnership with Forma Makina, leads the industry in the manufacture of flat and hollow wafer production plants. Combining decades of engineering excellence and innovative technology, this collaboration focuses on delivering high-quality, efficient wafer production solutions. By leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies, they offer production lines that optimize performance, maintenance, energy consumption, and costs, ensuring that manufacturers can produce the finest wafers with remarkable ease and efficiency.


Each machine within Forma Makina's product lineup, a global manufacturer, stands out as a top contender in its respective segment, with its original technologies and distinctive design features.

Features and Functionality

Forma Makina is leading the charge in industrial automation with its innovative solutions. From advanced robotics to smart production systems, Forma Makina is transforming the manufacturing landscape.

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