Standard Machinery Corporation

Confectionery Excellence Redefined

Elevating Confectionery Excellence with Executive: A Commitment to Quality, Service, and Customer Satisfaction.

Innovative Candy Processing Solutions

A distinguished global supplier, Standard Machinery Corporation prides itself on being a beacon of innovation, quality, and impeccable service. Executive stands out as a flagship brand under SMC. This leading equipment supplier provides comprehensive processing for the production of confectionery items such as hard-boiled and filled candy, toffee and chewy candy, and bubble gum and chewing gum. Executive is a privately owned and dynamic company with more than 30 years of experience in the confectionery field; it employs 50 people sharing the same feeling of “Team Membership”, which leads to work with great dedication and enthusiasm for the common commitment of customer satisfaction.


Whether integrating into existing lines or building from scratch, Executive offers customized solutions that promise enhanced productivity and improved operational efficiency.

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