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DuyvisWiener - cocoa & chocolate processing equipments

Standard Machinery Corporation stands as a renowned entity in the world of industrial machinery and equipment, specializing in the production and innovation of high-quality solutions tailored for a wide range of industrial applications. Among our notable products, the Duyvis Wiener equipment represents a cornerstone in the food processing industry. Catering to the demands of chocolatiers and food processors globally, their extensive product range is designed to optimize efficiency and productivity while ensuring the highest standards of taste and quality. From bean to bar, Duyvis Wiener equipment, which includes roasters, winnowers, grinders, and conches, enables a seamless and scalable production process. Their solutions not only enhance the flavor profiles of the end product but also ensure sustainability and energy efficiency in operations.


Unlock unparalleled precision and efficiency in food processing with our comprehensive range of machinery, designed to cater to every need of the cocoa and chocolate industry.

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