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Effortless Sweet Perfection: Large-Scale Automated Coating Pans for Sugar & Chocolate Confectionery

Dumoulin-Coating Equipment

At Standard Machinery Corporation (SMC), we take pride in partnering with global leaders in food manufacturing, processing, and production equipment. SMC proudly collaborates with Dumoulin, a pioneering force in the world of automated confectionery coating equipment since 1932. Renowned for their unmatched expertise and innovative approach, Dumoulin stands at the forefront of confectionery technology, providing cutting-edge solutions for candy, chocolate, and various confectionery items’ coating processes. With a steadfast focus on enhancing efficiency, quality, and sustainability in confectionery manufacturing, Dumoulin’s equipment is engineered to meet the dynamic needs of today’s food industry, solidifying its position as a key player in automated confectionery solutions.


Dumoulin takes pride in its comprehensive lineup of automated high-capacity panning systems, tailored to meet diverse industry needs.


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