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Carugil – Specialists in Confectionery

SMC represents Carugil in India for the confectionery industry. Carugil specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the confectionery industry, offering machines that produce and wrap confections. With a focus on customer benefits, Carugil supports growth, innovation, and long-term success by setting high standards in technology, efficiency, and reliability. The company emphasizes the economical use of packaging materials and resources. Each machine is custom-designed to meet specific output, packaging design, and resource efficiency requirements. Carugil machines are known for their reliability, durability, and comprehensive service, serving as a strong link in the production chain.


Carugil's machinery is engineered to deliver high performance and precision in confectionery production. The machines are designed to be reliable, durable, and efficient, ensuring seamless operation in the production process. Our range includes extruders, forming lines, pop formers, pop coolers, sugar sanders, bunch wrappers, seal wrappers, stick pack machines, ball formers, cooling tunnels, and flow wrappers.

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