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Standardized and customized depositing, spraying and cutting machines and production lines.

Inspiring Culinary Creations

In the fast-evolving world of bakery and food production, standing out means not just matching but exceeding industry standards. Standard Machinery Corporation, in partnership with Bakon, ensures that your business is equipped with the finest bakery and food equipment. Their innovative approach to machinery solutions aims at optimizing efficiency while preserving the artistry and quality of bakery products. With Bakon’s equipment, businesses can expect streamlined production processes, enhanced product quality, and the capacity to delight customers with exceptional bakery goods. Through innovation, versatility, and commitment to quality, Bakon remains a global leader in bakery and food equipment manufacturing.


At the forefront of baking and food production machinery, Bakon introduces a plethora of equipment types, each designed to meet the unique needs of the bakery and food production industry. From dough processing to decoration and finishing, our range ensures top-tier results.

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