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Elevating Chocolate Manufacturing Excellence with AWEMA

Experience the Future of Chocolate Production with SMC and AWEMA's Innovative Solutions.

Explore the future of chocolate production with AWEMA machines.

At SMC, we are proud to represent AWEMA here in India. With our dedication to excellence and AWEMA’s world-class technology, we are committed to bringing the best of chocolate manufacturing to our customers across India.
From High-Capacity to Smaller capacity Chocolate Moulding Lines, AWEMA offers a range of solutions tailored to your specific production needs. Backed by the most advanced technology and equipment from AWEMA AG Switzerland, you can trust in their expertise to elevate your chocolate manufacturing processes to new heights.
No matter what shape of chocolate you desire, AWEMA has the solution. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we deliver optimum solutions tailored to your product ideas, shapes, and ingredients. From bars to pralines, drops to special shapes, AWEMA offers fully automated machinery of the highest quality to meet your every need.
Discover the full range of Chocdelights and use our online configurator to find the perfect machinery for your requirements at Our Universal Depositing Machines (UDMs) are designed for efficient production of solid and filled chocolate products. From standalone units to fully integrated lines, AWEMA depositors ensure outstanding product quality across all models.


Discover the pinnacle of precision and flexibility with AWEMA machines. Renowned for their accuracy and precision, AWEMA leads the industry as the world's number one company in "One-Shot" technology and equipment. With AWEMA, the possibilities are endless. Harnessing the power of One-Shot technology, you can create a myriad of products with multiple fillings and colors, all with unrivaled efficiency and consistency.

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