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Affordable and Economical PRE-OWNED Technology

Appealing packaging not only attracts attention to new products but also influences brand perception and the increasing health consciousness among consumers the world over.

Our solutions, from the world’s leading food packaging manufacturers, offer multidimensional functionality – increased shelf life, greater food safety as well as aesthetic appeal.

The equipment we supply ranges from HFFS and VFFS machines for liquids and powders to wrapping machines for biscuits, chewing gum, semi-liquids, par-baked and frozen food.

We also supply high-performance thermoforming and vacuum packaging machinery.



Food Processing Machines and Solutions

List of Pre-Owned Machines

Dairy Products, Fruits and Vegetables
Yoghurt and Buttermilk
Pasteurised Milk
Ice Cream
Chilled/ Frozen Produce
Dehydrated Produce
Sliced, Diced Produce
Canned Produce
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