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Special Offers

  1. Hebenstreit Wafer Oven for Sale
    No. of plates: 71 plates
    Plate Size: 465 x 350
    Gas fired
    Still in running condition
    Can be inspected immediately.
    Very good Price.

    Make : Frigoscandia
    Model: GC 51
    Description: Spiral Freezer- Self Stacking Type.
    Detail Info: With self stacking Frigobelt.
    Fully reconditioned by supplier
    Still in shipment boxes never installed after reconditioning.
    Belt: 510mm wide, effective belt Width 480mm, Length: 200M, Tiers: 30
    Max Product height: 80mm
    Overall Dimensions: 4.8M W X 6.7M L,
    Approx 80mm usable height between tiers.
    Set to run on a pumped ammonia system capable of approx 1500kg/hour from +50°C to -18°C.

    *Please note* : that although the ammonia system is rated at being capable of approx 1500kg/hour from +50°C to -18°C

    No external refrigeration is included as it previously ran on a factory system.

    The Freezer is in immaculate condition. Well Maintained and completely refurbished.

  3. Heat & Control Greer Spiral, which is complete with refrigeration equipment. Greer Spiral Blast Freezer.

    Spiral Freezer rated at approximately 1 tonne per hour.
    Complete with all mechanical drives, including 2 x belt tensioning devices (1 x infeed area and 1 x return section), main drive, wash pump, drier fan system and control panel.
    Belt is a stainless steel 610mm or 2 foot wide belt with a total length of approximately 215.2m.
    The height between the belts is 110 mm, and the overall height of the spiral freezer is 3100mm, and the outside diameter is 3920mm.
    The spiral freezer is housed in a room that holds the 4 x fan evaporators. The fans draw air from the top of the spiral returns and blows through the evaporators, which cover the width and height of the one side of the spiral freezer.
    The spiral rotates by a single geared drive. The product enters at the lower part of the spiral and exits at the top. The control panel indicates operation of each evaporator, line speed of belt, room temp, belt drier, belt wash, and system on and off. Automatic defrost is adjusted through programming.
    Refrigeration is supplied by 4 x DWM Copeland R502 compressors.
    DWM Copeland condensing units are designed to work for very high ambient conditions up to 50 degrees C. The units have a wide range for high, medium and low temperature applications. Complete with all associated safety devices, electrics, controls, pipe work, valves, insulation, fittings and connections.
    This freezer has been operating in a seasonal environment only, i.e. 3 months of the year for the last 4 years.
    Still set up today and there are engineers that may be able to assist in dismantling and re-installation.


    Another option to consider would be to include the spiral pre-cooler which was used prior to the Freezer. This spiral chiller was previously used as a pre-cooler after a blancher prior to the product entering the spiral freezer. Is fitted with a plastic link belt with a mesh 8mm x 8mm.

    The belt is 550mm wide and rises 3 spirals (spirals 3m in diameter). Is fitted with refrigeration and centrifugal fan and is housed within refrigeration panelling. There are numerous hinged doors fitted for access. Requires 3 phase power.

    Length : 5500
    Height : 1770
    Depth : 3700
    Phase : 3 ph
    Condition : Good




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