Ready to Eat

By steady development, the company grew from a manufacturer of small handcraft machines to a supplier of custom made machinery.

Today GLASS is building more and more process machines for the industrial production. The company is also involved in projecting complete production lines.

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Selo is the supplier of various innovative machines and systems for the processing and packaging of viscous or non-homogeneous liquid food and wet pet food products.

Our company consists of over 100 employees who have built a stable relationship with their worldwide customers over the years. With our experience regarding mixing, cooking, emulsifying and homogenization, our knowledge about laws and regulations in the food sector and our many years of experience, we offer reliable solutions. Besides our large scale of technical experience, our food technology engineers and our testing facility, we can provide the best support regarding recipe development and validating. Whether it is a standard or a customized solution, Selo delivers it turnkey.

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