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For supply of machinery and complete processing lines

Standard Machinery Corporation is a part of the Standard Group, which was established in the year 1947. With more than 7 decades of expertise in equipment and technology for industrial production of food, our main focus is to market and promote food processing and packaging solutions for industrial production which are very versatile & flexible, keeping in they are user friendly too in our 75th platinum year of operation. Our company being the oldest in the business has been able to work with customers in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Middle east. Over the years we have sold solutions, complete plants, tabletop solutions and more. We have successful installations practically with all different types of manufacturers in the food processing industry. Right from large multinational companies to smaller family owned companies. Our main focus is to be highly customer oriented and therefore each and every customer is important to us! We give importance to quality and not quantity. The company meets all the requirements our customers has and does not believe in only selling standard range of machines. Gifted with diverse agro-climatic conditions, large raw material base, rapid urbanization, changing lifestyles , rising income levels and literacy as well as increasing popularity of ethnic food overseas, the Indian food processing industry has become one of the largest industrial segments. The food processing machinery sector undoubtedly has also flourished under its wing and SMC being a major and oldest player in the court has captivated a large number of clientele and is recognized to provide the best food machinery in every segment of the food market!!

With a legacy of 75 years, Standard Machinery Corporation offers high quality food processing and packaging equipment for the bakery, biscuit, breads, cookies, cakes, chocolates, confectionary, gum, snacks, spices, fruits, vegetables, meats, pasta, ready to eats and dairy industry. SMC initially started out in the Indian market. Today, we are agents and promoters for overseas companies primarily from Europe and the Far East. When our team evaluated and analyzed the market trends of other countries like Sri Lanka, our founders thought it would be apt to spread our wings into other markets. We are now confident that we have successfully captured the Indian and Sri Lankan markets, and our customers are very pleased with our services. Being highly customer oriented and meeting their exact requirements instead of only selling a standard range of machines, we rather sell “solutions” and focus on quality. Standing out and being unique in the industry is key for us and it is our customer service, marketing approach, and sales strategy that differentiates us from our competitors. Although the pandemic has slowed things down in the market, the growth in the food industry will never stop. We keep on introducing newer technologies to adapt to local requirement and our business partners are constantly innovating and adapting technology to suit the local palette. We always strive to be one step ahead and thus satisfy our customer’s expectations

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