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Founded in 2000 by twenty years of experience in industrial automation, DSC s.r.l. has developed technologies on several fronts: today it is highly specialized in the processing of dried fruit, cocoa and confectionery products (meringues, nougats, biscuits, spices, etc.) and has extended its experience also to the realization of packaging plants for the food industry (chocolate, brioches) and end line palletizing plants.

Since 2016, DSC s.r.l. has also turned its attention to a new product that has spread more and more on the national and international food market, aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers who do not want to give up lightness and taste: snack bars. Thanks to the design of specific machines for processing products such as energy bars, dietary bars, cereals, etc., DSC s.r.l. has broadened its horizons towards a new sector that is increasingly affirming its presence in the food industry.


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