We can help you to improve you production business creating new plants for 3D pellets, gluten free pasta, chips pellets, traditional pasta, cereal die cut pellets and breakfast cereal.

Italy have been the main architects to design pellet lines for Gol Gapa ( Pani Puri ) Pellets. TecnoPlant Snacks has partnered with SMC offering some very new technologies for the snack food industry with some of its revolutionary technologies and equipment for 3DPellets , Traditional Pasta Lines, Cereal Die Cut Pellets, Gluten Free Pasta, Chips Pellet Lines, Nature's Fresh Pellet Lines, Breakfast Cereal Lines, Punched Pellets , Potato Die cut pellets and many more..

Starting from your product ingredients and design, our technicians project, develop and build a complete line of production. The complete plant will be tried on our warehouses and then installed all over the world.

Our research and development department is equipped with a complete production plant, specially built to verify the timing and methods of production. Each plant is tested and checked at the client’s factory to guarantee the high production standard that distinguish our productivity lines..


For more information: https://www.tecnoplant-snacks.com
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