SPS specializes in the production of automatic packaging systems for bakery and chocolate products. The company is strongly oriented towards the international market with customers and installations in the five continents. .

SPS designs and builds automatic pick-up and sorting systems for products arriving from process lines, a wide range of portioning and automatic loading systems, high-speed horizontal flow-pack packaging machines and accessories for completion of the lines. In addition, SPS stands out in the production of filling machines for mono or bi-colour creams and related automatic feeding systems.

The continuous commitment and constant determination of all the company departments, the updating of the technical offices and the investments in research and development (which amount to 3% of the annual turnover) have led SPS to achieve significant results in terms of product development. Nowadays the company produces automatic lines applying the most advanced technological levels in the sector and placing itself at the top of the production of packaging lines.

The commercial and technical offices, the production and after-sales service department together with the branches of the PFM group in the world, are structured to respond in a very short time to customer needs, both to develop new projects and to serve existing lines.

The turnover of the last few years continues to grow, showing the good work achieved.


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