High-performance conditioning solutions that drive quality levels across industries Supporting professionals worldwide to reach the highest quality standards through sustainable, tailor-made conditioning solutions. .

Long-term thinking, a progressive approach and production continuity have been in our DNA since we started in 1938. This has helped us ensure quality excellence through our production facilities in the Netherlands. Our in-house expertise allows us to serve our customers across the entire range of activities they need, including consultancy, design, production, installation, monitoring, service, and more. We do it all ourselves to meet the most stringent quality standards as we continuously deliver sustainable solutions in the fields of cooling, freezing, storage, recovery and (slow) proofing.

Our clients are demanding professionals – top chefs, confectioners, bakeries, the pharmaceutical industry and a variety of other specialists – who depend on reliable and sustainable conditioning solutions. Each of these clients relies on our expertise and passion to help them perform at the highest possible levels.


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